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The Wessex Guild of Craftsmen is a small group of crafts people from the Hampshire and West Sussex area that exhibit and sell their work at four or five venues each year. Approximately one third of full members are full time professional craftsmen, a third are part time professional and a third are practicing their skills as a hobby for pure satisfaction of creating things of beauty. Social events are held from time to time enabling members to meet with colleagues and friends.

The Wessex Guild of Craftsmen is strictly a member’s guild managed by a small committee elected annually by the membership. The Guild Officers and Committee members are always ready to give advice and encouragement to a fellow craftsman in the spirit of The Guild’s objectives. Membership is limited to 45 and it is Guild policy to restrict the members with the same craft, thus maintaining a balanced variety of skills at Guild shows.


Acorn Crafts

Hand-crafted “pens of distinction” using predominately well figured woods but also deer antlers & acrylics

Ron Caddy: Ron’s introduction to Wood Turning came when his wife gave him a Christmas present that has continued ever since, a weekend lesson in Woodturning in Somerset with 2 professional Turners. For a number of years he worked from a shed then the garage at home. 15 years ago the opportunity arose for a Studio/ Workshop at the new Fairground Craft & Design Centre at Andover, Ron has now moved & is now working from a purpose built studio/workshop at Wisley Road Andover.

Some years ago he experimented with Pen Turning and penmaking which has resulted in becoming his main area of expertise, and now he creates ‘Pens of Distinction’. In the past couple of months 2 British Pen Designers have called on this expertise for him to assess new designs that they are planning to introduce to the Penmakers of Britain.

The Pens (Fountain, Rollerball and Ballpoint Pens) are made predominately from wood, his favourites being English Yew, Olivewood (which he imports directly from Bethlehem in the Holy Land) and American Black Ash Burr; because of the nature of wood each one is unique and cannot be replicated.

Also used are some Acrylics and combinations of wood and acrylic. A limited addition range is also made from Natural Deer Antler sourced from a Deer Study Centre in Somerset.

In addition to his shop and web site Ron’s pens can be purchased at a number of quality Craft & Gift Shows throughout the area as well as some Craft Galleries.

Ron also teaches PenMaking and demonstrates at Wood Turning clubs, Art Societies and other interested groups.

In 1993 he started ‘Test Valley Turners’ a club for Wood turners of which he is the Chairman. He is also the National Co-ordinator for ‘Youth Training & Development’ on behalf of the Association of ‘Woodturners of Great Britain’ and the ‘Worshipful Company of Turners’

All Things Glass

Unique designer products; fused glass designs, including pictures, dishes, vases, suncatchers, clocks, plaques & jewellery

Dorothy Borland: Dorothy was originally trained in textiles design, more recently Dorothy has been involved in producing exquisite pieces made in glass (with the odd bit of silver). Dorothy produces a wide range of glass styles and product ranging from small pieces of jewellery to larger panels, vases, clocks, greetings cards and stained & engraved glass.

Working from her studio in Horndean she now has three glass kilns to keep filled up and is always coming up with new designs and ways of presenting her work.

All things glass represents the work of an exciting glass designer.

Carolyn Wallis – Hand Weaver

My fascination with weave techniques, coupled with a deep admiration for the beauty and intricacy of colour and pattern to be found in the natural world, come together in my work, where I strive to capture the uncatchable. I am never entirely satisfied with the results, but am driven to keep on trying.

I use mainly spun silk yarn, which takes colour very well and has a lovely natural sheen. Sometimes I team it with cashmere or silk noil to produce a pattern of contrast between the shiny and the matt.

I am a long standing member of The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen ( and exhibit with the Guild regularly.

Jo Berryman

Jo Berryman – Potter

Jo started and ran Deddington Pottery, Oxfordshire after working in 2 potteries in the Cotswolds, Jo now works in Liss. Jo produces high fired functional domestic and decorative pottery in high-fired red earthenware with painted, wax resist and slip decoration, items such as oven-proof dishes and some stoneware items for the garden.

Pots are decorated with slips (liquid clay of a cream consistency) coloured with metal oxides or stains, fired, glazed and given a second “glost” firing. Her items are mostly “thrown” on the potters wheel or press moulded, items are fired in an electric kiln. Jo also makes some items in stoneware clay fired to a higher temperature such as large poppy seed heads and chickens for the garden and other decorative pots.
Jo has become interested in “Raku” firing of pottery with the PACS Potters Group.

Long term member of the Wessex Guild, also member of Petersfield Arts & Crafts Society (PACS) and Visual Arts Group. Sells work at local craft fairs and exhibitions such as at Petworth House, Haslemere Museum, Watts and Oxmarket Galleries, and Bevere Gallery in Worcester.

Jo offers a commission service, providing a unique and individual craft item.

Laymar Crafts

Functional & decorative woodturning

Richard Stapley: Richard has been a Woodturner for over 25 years, producing both Decorative and Functional items mainly from locally sourced indigenous Woods.

Wood is one of the World’s most beautiful natural materials, it has Warmth, Texture and a Patina that have no equal.  With the careful management and regeneration of our Woods and Forests, it is possible, with care, to grace our homes with objects crafted from Wood, today and into the future.  It was J B Priestly who wrote “Into this material passed the Sun and Rain, it has lived and some secret part of it still lives”

The Craftsmanship of the Woodturner lets the Wood live again as an object to be cherished, handled and cared for. It is with this in mind that I strive to create items worthy of the Wood I use. Indigenous Woods are my first choice, Yew with its beauty and richness of colour, and the unpredictability and wild grain structure of both Burr Elm and Burr Oak being my favourites.

Yew for Weed Pots and Stylised Fungi has no equal, whilst Bowls and Vessels in any of the Burr Woods show the gnarls and whirls of the Burr to dramatic effect. Woods such as Ash, Box, Sycamore and the Fruit Woods all offer opportunities to create items using a variety of techniques. I also produce items using Laburnum, Walnut and Horse Chestnut and occasionally from some of the Exotic Imported Woods such as Sapela and Zebrano.

I use only three types of finish for my work, all of which are natural products to give varying texture and colour:- Carnauba Wax being used to attain a Gloss Finish. Renaissance Wax for a gloss or sheen finish that lets the texture and feel of the Wood through. For Burrs I use either Mineral Oil or Calamine Oil this is absorbed into the Wood and dries to give a matt finish which can also be brought to a fine sheen look with an application of a Paste Wax.

Textile Alchemist

Bespoke textile handmade gifts & cards that are functional & decorative

Paula Ibberson-Groves: I have been sewing and knitting since I was a child. There are so many new materials out there as well as the traditional. I like to mix both in my design and creation of unique handmade gifts – just as an alchemist would mix chemicals.

To make my items unique I make my own cords, buttons, toggles etc. I take great pride in my work and each piece is made with passion and love.

The inspiration for my work comes from Mother Nature in all guises as she journeys through the seasons of the year. Her wonderful colours, shapes & experiences she gives that transcend ordinary consciousness are captured as ‘snapshots’ within my work.

I try to make all of my gifts as functional as possible so they can be used & enjoyed every day. If there is an item that you really like but would prefer it in another colour way please ask/contact me as I may have the colour you are looking for, failing that I could custom make an item for you as well as personalise it.

Whilst a lot of my skills are self-taught I have also completed City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Embroidery & Level 2 in Machine Embroidery. I attend many one day workshops & am always looking to develop & extend my work.

Paula has been a member of the New Forest Marque since 2014

Paula currently volunteers & sells her handmade gifts in Rum’s Eg, Romsey. She will be holding workshops there later in the year.